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Linyi Ryanox Chemical Co., LTD is a group company which has been committed to developing and producing pharmaceutical intermediates and Unsaturated Polyester Resin for over 15 years. With 3 plants, one is mainly for  producing UPR;  the other 2 plants  are mainly for intermediates, including Triethyl Orthoformate (TEOF), Trimethyl Orthoformate (TMOF), Imidazole, and so on.


Locating in the center of chemical materials in China, RYANOX has unique advantages for resources and chemical supply chains. Hence, we can always drive progress and reliably meet our customers’ requirements with competitive prices timely. 

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Why Choose Us ?

We are one of the most reliable pharmaceutical intermediates and UPR manufacturers you are looking for.

Reliable Production Capacity

As one of Top 3 manufacturers in China, we are based on the concept of just-in-time delivery. So, you never need to worry about the supply issue.

Competitive Prices

With raw materials around, we save much transportation costs. Hence, we’ll leave more profits to our customers. 

The Best Possible Service

Maybe we are not as professional as chemists, but I promise that you will get the best possible service here at 24/7.

The place where you’ll get not only the perfect product, but also solutions for your project.

Industries We Serve!

Widely used for making pesticides, such as herbicides, disinfectants, fungicides, insecticides, natural and biological pesticides, and rodenticides.

We have an extensive range of different pharmaceutical intermediates , which are used for different applications. 

From small buttons to aviation and wind energy, our UPR products can be found in every part of life