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This UP resin series is suitable for continuous laminating sheet applications such as greenhouse covers and roofing systems. It is also preferred to produce foam
sandwich panels, refrigerated vehicle panels, truck panels, and RV panels.


This UP resin series are used for all general purpose applications with handlay-up and spray up applications. This resin series are designed for manufacturing the parts of building and construction, transportation and industrial applications.


Specially designed for quartz based composite stone. It is clear and light colored also has a low viscosity. It is resistant to weathering therefore it can be used for outdoor applications. Resin has a low volumetric shrinkage and standard production cracking problems are eliminated.

> Excellent clear colour and transparency.
> Low shrinkage capacity.
> Suitable for hot curing processes.
> Easily applicable.

-Continuous Filament Winding
-Centrifugal Casting

This UP resin series is specially designed for use in filament winding applications. This resin series is
suitable for manufacturing of different size FRP/GRP pipes and tanks.

Industrial Park construction (2019-2020)

Casting UP resin series are used for casting purpose applications like bathtubs, wash basins, kitchen countertops.